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The seat of our company is located in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. It is registered in the Ras al-Khaimah emirate, license no. IC201440606. However, due to legal regulations we do not run any operations in the UAE.

Our activity is focused mainly on Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. We also make efforts to open our branch in Bahrain, which shall take place soon.

The origins of our company reach as far back as to 2008, when under the wing of another global gamer we have marked our presence in the Middle East with a spectacular entrance on the local consulting market. Since then we have been collecting experience working in numerous different firms, each day winning trust, new contacts and prospects.

Nevertheless, in the beginning of 2014 we have decided to spread our wing and open a business under our own brand, Blackhorse Middle East Solutions Limited. Hence, we are free of any limitations imposed by institutional employers and may circumvent the rules that bind in the corporate world.

You may learn more about other people who comprise Blackhorse Middle East Solutions in the OUR TEAM tab.