Blackhorse Middle East Solutions Ltd. Profile

We handle comprehensive representation of European clients and their interests in the Middle East – starting with establishing contacts, preparing reports on specific lines of business, through organizing local structures, running media campaigns, organizing events, lobbing, and ending with taking care of our clients’ interests.

Our long experience and the knowledge of the specificity of Middle Eastern markets make us the invaluable partner who can help you win tenders, who will advance the binding procedures and ensure your counterparties will fulfil their obligations in a timely fashion.

Our aid is especially recommended to companies preparing to enter the Middle eastern market or that are about to make a decision concerning entrance to such markets and only wish to learn its specificity by ordering a detailed report on the given market segment.



  • *Blackhorse: someone who wins unexpectedly or plays a great part in a certain event to everyone’s surprise

    Oxford English Dictionary, 2014